Get Gap Insurance Coverage from worldwide

How to determine if gap insurance is right for you What is gap insurance? Gap insurance pays for the “gap” between what you owe on your car and what it’s worth if it’s totaled in a covered accident, theft or other loss. Some providers—including Progressive—call it loan/lease payoff coverage.   Gap insurance is an optional… Read More »

Fertility Financing top 10 plans

Fertility Financing top 10 plans Infertility Financing Programs The cost of infertility diagnosis, treatment and associated medications can be extremely high. Patients without insurance coverage for infertility testing and treatment often decide whether to seek treatment based on their ability to pay. Many clinics provide financing and guarantee or refund programs (money back if treatment… Read More »

How Michigan Is Battling High Car Insurance Quotes

; Michigan drivers face some of the highest car insurance quotes in the country, and after a decade of debate, state lawmakers are again revving up efforts to fix the problem. This year, proponents of changes in the state’s auto insurance system are hopeful. “We do feel like there’s some positive momentum now,” Insurance Institute… Read More »

Expert FAQ: How Will Depopulating Citizens Insurance Affect Florida?

; After years of historic storms – and historic clean-up costs – flood insurance has become a part of the national conversation. Florida residents are no exception. Recent estimates indicate that Citizens Property Insurance Corporation – Florida’s state-run property insurance company, which offers subsidized rates to members – falls at least $1.5 billion short of… Read More »

State Farm Makes Plans to Collect Car Insurance Customer Data for Ads

; State Farm has developed plans to collect customer data, allowing advertisers to create highly targeted pitches based on where, when and how people drive. In a patent application filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, State Farm proposes gathering information about drivers’ routes and stops from vehicles’ sensors, navigation systems, cameras or other… Read More »

Insurance Industry, Homeowners Coming to Grips With Climate Change

; Shopping for a new home? You probably have a few questions about the properties you consider: How many bedrooms are there? What about bathrooms? How are the schools? And perhaps you should add one more: How will the house stand up to climate change? Although the causes may be subject to debate, there is… Read More »

Are Auto Insurance Verification Programs a Good Idea?

; Auto insurance is mandatory for almost every driver in the United States, yet nearly 30 million Americans don’t have it. According to estimates from the Insurance Research Council, these drivers cost $2.6 billion in uninsured motorist claims. And, unfortunately, not everyone hit by an uninsured driver is covered for their losses. States have experimented… Read More »